Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Our New Toronto Apartment

Here we are in the city of Toronto!

As the year 2013 begins, Chris and I are newly married and starting out in a new city; we are trying to fix up a new apartment, and all while we each try to navigate a new job. We're also learning to speak Cantonese.  ...just kidding! But only about that last part...

The rest is all true, fortunately or unfortunately. New beginnings (such as a move) are exhilarating; you get a fresh start at so many different areas of your life: your job, your home, even your friendships get a shake up. But fresh starts are a freakin' TON of work. When I take a break from painting our 'new' walls, I worry about the mistakes I'm making at the new job, then I go back to puttying holes, cleaning floorboards and, oh yeah, killing cockroaches.           ...I wish I was kidding. But, sadly, I am not...

But what am I babbling about? I really just want to share some photos of our new apartment. It's not pretty. It doesn't have the same great 'bones' that the last place had. But I can take a challenge. And when this place is finished, I plan for it to be the best apartment yet.

We wanted the city life, and we got it. Complete with more rent, less space, more noise and a really gross bathroom.

What can I say? At least it should make for a good story.

Don't you just love the blue aquarium bedroom? Who paints the ceiling blue? As you can see, we have our work cut out for us with this place. I'll keep you posted.

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