Saturday, 2 March 2013

DIY Gifting

Tomorrow is Chris' birthday, so in the spirit of this important holiday weekend at our house, I thought I would blog about gifts.

When it comes to gift giving, I love to put myself into it. Not only is it a lot of fun for me, but it usually costs me less, and I feel more confident giving a gift that I truly put a lot of time and thought into. When someone sees that you made the card, the wrapping paper or even the gift yourself, they're bound to feel loved and considered.

But here's the catch, sometimes homemade gifts are really cheesy. You know it's true. That last paragraph even sounded cheesy. Pinterest is full of projects that your friends can make and then torture you with.

Oh thanks, another homemade candle, I'll keep it under the sink- I mean- on the table!
(The worst part is remembering to take it out each time they visit).

Crappy candles aside, I still believe in DIY gifting. And I admit, that over the years, I have surely given someone some craft that they didn't know WHAT to do with. But usually your friends and family will let you know which of your talents they would love you to share with them. For example, if you're a great photographer, your friends would probably jump at the chance to have you photograph their kids. And that's just one idea.

Okay, down to business, this post is really about a gift that I made for Chris last year. (I don't want to share this year's goodies today because I don't know if I can keep him off of the blog- So I'll post about that on Monday).

Last winter money was a little tight, so I decided that I would make, and not buy, at least one gift.  Chris had come across an image like the one below on a friend's facebook page and he mentioned that he like it.                      

I decided that I would recreate the picture as a gift. All I needed to do was figure out how I was going to do that. I didn't like the idea of sketching or drawing the picture; being such a simple image, I feared a sketch might look inconsequential. But then painting didn't really seem right either. 

A few days later I was in our local FabricLand store, looking for material to use for an upholstery project, when I spotted some burlap among the samples. It was very nice: tightly woven and almost grey in colour.

I knew exactly what I could use it for.

At home, I rounded up my supplies; black permanent markers, some sticks of white chalk and the newly purchased burlap.

I laid the burlap out flat and sketched out the image of the pig. I used the black markers to outline and create shadow and texture and I finished up with the chalk which created highlights. The result was this:

We still have to find a place for it in the new apartment, but I have dreams of a great gallery wall in the living room, so surely it will have a home.

Happy Chris' Birthday to All! 

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