Monday, 25 March 2013

Lovely Gallery Walls

Chris and I loved our apartment in Stratford. It mirrored the relaxed, simple, outdoorsy life that we led there. Our place was open and airy, a bit French country, and very much 'homey'; it was light and bright and even a bit 'cute'. It was also very hard to leave that apartment.

But when we arrived in Toronto I started to get excited about our new home.

This time I have a different vision for our place: I want chic, grown-up type rooms; I'm aiming for city and cool. We're newlyweds, which means we're a family of two adults only, and we're celebrating that. This apartment won't exactly be a playboy penthouse, but it's definitely going to be a long way from a 'family home'.

I want classic, retro, simple, adult, cool.

And what's cooler than a gallery wall? Am I right?

A gallery wall says, "I love art, and not only do I love it, I can afford it!" Actually, that's probably what the gallery wall in Scott Disik's NYC loft says...

But my gallery wall and your gallery wall will say, "I have access to a photocopier, byytch!"

The things you choose to frame do not have to be rare drawings from some sought-after artist. You can frame anything: favourite photos, personal items, letters, postcards, anything you find beautiful and meaningful.

Personally, I love to take art books and have the pictures in them enlarged and photocopied. (My only suggestion: stay away from iconic images. An 11x14" Mona Lisa on the wall just looks odd, unless you're going for kitsch - then I say, "Go for it you crazy cat!" 

Another idea: take vintage postcards and have them blown up and framed. (The front and back of the cards are often equally lovely).

Here are few pictures of inspiring gallery walls:

The above wall is very structured, very much like the one I did in our last apartment. The use of all black and white frames creates a cohesive feel. It's a great look that you can pull off in any home.

This next one, however, is much more free-flow, the frames and photos are any colour, shape and size. I love the art leaning against the wall, not hung. Instant cool. I think this is the style I will aim for in our Toronto apartment.

Now this one is a bit too white for me, but I do like the airy, uncluttered affect that is achieved with all white frames and mattes. The frames are hung haphazardly, yet the use of only one shade keeps it clean.

These next two are all about the art. Favourite pieces hung together, end of story. 

Come back to the blog tomorrow to see my new gallery wall!