Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Bedroom Update

Last weekend I spent some more time working on the bedroom. It is far from done, but I think you'll see that things are progressing. As much as I would prefer to just show before photos and then show the after photos when the whole room has been completed, rooms don't come together in a flash (especially when you have a very limited budget) and so these photo updates represent and illustrate the process.

First the room looked like this:

Then we painted and cleaned and it looked like this:

After quickly moving a few things in it looked like this:
Not a lot going on...

Now it looks like...


We still have things to do. I want to find a canopy bed and the walls are still a bit bare, but the room is definitely getting there. Here are a few more pictures. (I will try to post some day-time ones this week).

As you can see, it's still a bit bare, and not in a cool minimalist sort of way. It's a bedroom, the room we sleep and relax in, so in addition to the bed frame, I want to add more fabrics, blankets and pillows to really make the room soft and cosy and inviting. I also want to add some wall decor; not sure what that will be yet... I will keep you posted!