Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Living Room: Before and After

Hello! I know it's been kind of a long while since I last posted, but I have some new photos to share--finally! This apartment has been a real challenge. We are enjoying the financial benefits of having chosen a relatively cheap run-down apartment in the city, but the work we've had to put in to make this place livable (not just pretty, but actually clean and livable) has been considerate. 

And here's a confession: I'm not very technologically inclined. I'm not good at getting online and sharing photos. I want to share the photos, I just don't always do it. 

My last post was in the spring. Remember the 'spring'?  It was more like winter. It was cold and leafless and bright and ugly. In April I felt that the summer would never arrive, and I also felt the like the apartment would never be home. The old ugly staircase, the huge hallway with disgusting custard walls, the rotted out closet, the orange 70's tile in the foyer... all of it seemed a mountain of chores. And blogging seemed like one more thing that I didn't have time to do. 

But I really enjoying blogging, and I miss and it! The summer has been lovely and we've had loads of fun, I've tackled the biggest and scariest of the the apartment projects, and now I'm so happy to get back to sharing them with you. 

So! To start things off: please enjoy some photos of the living room which we recently finished. 

I have only a couple 'before' pics:

This was taken our first day in the apartment--
 I can still smell the dry stench of stale pot if I just close my eyes....

 Chris begins the chore of resurfacing parts of the wall.

Getting ready to paint.

This was taken the day I cleaned the hardwood floors. Paint looks good!

I don't know where to put the couch!

That's it for the before photos. 
After lots of painting, cleaning, planning, and one very physically demanding trip to Ikea (we took the subway and had to carry our purchases home on our backs, literally) the room is just the way I want it!

See for yourself:

Take a look at my spring post about the living room in progress
or read about painting the living room.

More posts to come this week! (The foyer is finally finished, as is my closet, so I've got to share it)!

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