Friday, 13 September 2013

My Closet Makeover

When we first viewed our apartment back in January, the bedroom closet was a major detractor. It wasn't just ugly, it was dirty, moldy, broken (yes, broken) and just plain weird. But we didn't worry too much about it because we were told it would be fixed. 

Not only fixed, but fixed by the time we moved in. 

Those words were so quaint. So friendly. 

All fixed up by the time you move in...  

                                                                             (the faint sound of distant laughter)

This is what the closet looked like when we moved in:

What a pair of fools we were, eh?? Ah, well. Live and learn. The closet not only looked like this when we moved in, it also continued to exist in this terrifying state until early summer. That was when I FINALLY worked up the courage to tackle this beast of a closet.

It wasn't an easy project, but it did progress in a fairly straight forward manner. I guess you could say there weren't too many mean surprises during the project. All the horror was right up front from the beginning.

Here she is again: the closet. There seemed to be a sort of foul warped linoleum stuck on the walls. It was peeling off and the glue underneath had begun to rot (the black marks you see here are the glue).

I began the task of peeling off all the 'linoleum' and the glue:

This is what it looked like when I was finished removing everything. 
The black marks are residue from the glue. 

 I sanded the entire surface and Chris painted on three coats of BullsEye primer (this is a special primer used for sealing and covering tough stains). Here is the closet after the sanding and priming:

The surface of the walls was still fairly rough, so I decided to cover them with a textured wallpaper. Textured wallpaper not only has a pretty and classic look, but it is a GREAT fix for problem walls. (Think, cracks, bad plaster, bumps etc). Basically we should have wallpapered the entire apartment!

The first piece of wallpaper goes up. 

This is what the closet looked like after we had wallpapered the entire surface. Somehow, even after THREE coats of stain proof primer, the old glue stains STILL came through the wallpaper. 

The final fix was a finishing coat of latex white (in eggshell finish). This seemed to 'harden' the wallpaper somewhat and gave the whole closet a polished look. 

I used a bit of my secret weapon- polyfilla putty for big holes- and smoothed the putty along any cracks or seems. (Think, where the base board meets the wall). 

Next it was time to add some hooks for all my hats! 
I also decided to paper the upper part of the closet door. It was an easy way to add some visual interest.

I decided to put up shelves in the closet. With such a small and narrow space, a tiny row of hangers would hardly hold any of my clothes. A few shelves offered more storage options. 

I wallpapered and painted the three shelves to match the inside of the closet.

 Here is the finished product!

I would still like to pick up a few matching storage boxes to stack on the closet floor. I think they'll look pretty and organized and I'll get some extra much needed storage space. But other than that, this closet is all done. I think it turned out just fine and it is certainly an improvement on what was there originally.


The rest of my clothes reside in baskets and in my antique dresser. I've had to get a bit creative, but I actually do have enough space for everything. A little Toronto apartment miracle, if you ask me. :)

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