Friday, 15 November 2013

More Paint in the Kitchen

Recently, Chris has taken on a few evening shifts a week at a new job. This leaves me with extra alone time and I have used this time to work on the apartment! The last few Friday nights, I have been painting the kitchen. 

The kitchen was the first room that we tackled when we moved in. We got it to a liveable conditon and then we sort of moved on to the other rooms. We left the disgusting greasy ceiling alone and didn't worry much about it.... until now! I couldn't stand it anymore! And not only that, but I wanted to paint a coloured ceiling. A colourful ceiling is something that I've always wanted to try and I've just never had the right room. This kitchen seemed perfect, with the white walls and clean palette, I thought a pop of colour on the ceiling would work well. I also decided to paint the 'backsplash' wall, in the hopes of anchoring that side of the room and hiding the grease stains that often happen around the stove top. 

I had a vision of a very light blue with just a hint of green for the ceiling. I wanted something that was clean, bright and colourful. I chose a colour from CIL called 'Summer Showers'. This colour is very light; if you are painting a ceiling in a room with white (or light) walls, and you don't want a dramatic look, I recommend going with a very light tone. Once the ceiling has been painted, the colour will likely read much darker than it may have initially looked on the chip. Since I didn't want a white kitchen with a BLUE ceiling, I chose the lightest colour on the paint chip. 

Here are the greasy ceilings:

Painting a ceiling after you've already finished the room is never a great idea. Most of my night was spent covering and taping. 

Here's a quick photo taken after the painting was finished. I will take some more photos later, but this gives an idea of how it came out. I rolled two coats on the ceiling and did the edging with a brush. It was a terrible time, I got paint in my eyes (yes, I should have worn googles) and it was so boring that I watched at least three episodes of 'Toddlers in Tiaras' while I was painting. At least it's all done now! 

Another weekend, another paint job. For the back wall I chose a Benjamin Moore colour called, "Baby Seal Black". It's a great colour that looks grey, navy and black all at the same time. For a 'black' it has a lot going on. Very interesting colour. 

Taped off and ready to paint!

This was a relatively easy job. The taping was the hardest part, the paint went on in a matter of a few hours. It was just two quick coats done about two hours apart. I had the tape off and the kitchen tidied up by the time Chris came home at 11 p.m.. (I started around 7:30 p.m.).

This weekend we are going to Home Depot to finally purchase a new light fixture for the kitchen. The one we have now is broken and it's fluorescent. (Which is why everything in these photos has an ugly yellow cast). I will post some better pictures when everything is completed! 

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