Monday, 24 March 2014

A Pretty Good Show

I spent yesterday afternoon at the Vintage Clothing Show at the Toronto Convention Centre (Front Street West). The show ran from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and the entry cost was $10 per person. The show was a bit small but it was nice to have so many vintage retailers in one place (especially with the weather being so cold).  

The vendors came loaded with endless vintage dresses, lots of pretty felt hats and of course, furs and more furs. There were some absolutely fantastic vintage jewelry pieces; I tried on an art deco cameo ring from the 1920's, too bad I wasn't looking to spend $400! Maybe next time... I also saw lots of beaded clutches and costume jewelry; nothing out of the ordinary, nothing spectacular. 

Maybe I arrived too late (I got there at 2), but there just weren't that many stand out pieces. There were a LOT of polyester 70's day dresses in a variety of rainbow bright shades. Who is buying those? And what seasoned vintage shopper doesn't already own too many beaded purses? At a certain point you have to start passing those by. 

Leather is definitely in this year, and actually I went there hoping to find a nice cross-body leather bag with tons of worn in character. What I found were shelves full of Good Will-esque leather purses that looked like something my Grade 3 teacher would have carried day in day out in 1990, and they were all $40 and up. And by 'up', I mean ridiculous. I saw a two tone leather Dooney & Burk satchel that looked like it had been chewed on by a rabid toddler. It was $128.00! 

All was not lost! Amid the racks crammed with avocado muumuus, I found the PERFECT dress. It's a lace, silk and linen cocktail dress from the 1960's and it has that wonderful Breakfast at Tiffany's silhouette that's so good for petite women. The colour is a rich black, with all the depth and warmth of a good navy blue. Lace and silk on top, with cap sleeves and a lovely straight across neckline. The hem hits just below the knee, a skirt length that's very popular this Spring (the extended pencil skirt). 

It fit me perfectly. Well, almost perfectly, I have to have it taken out a little bit across the hips (okay, across the bum). Anyway, it was a great find and I got it for a fair $70 (down from $87, did I mention the prices weren't great?) 

My final verdict on the Vintage Clothing Show? Pretty good. The prices seemed a tad higher than what I've come to expect for the standard vintage pieces (cashmere, boots, bags, dresses and furs) around Toronto. Kensington, Queen East and especially the Sunday Antique Market have been home to purchase deals that I'll be bragging about for years to come, so I was surprised after paying an entrance fee that I didn't find any steals. But the vendors were friendly, I could wander from shop to shop in the warmth of the convention centre, and most importantly, I found a really really pretty dress.