Monday, 31 March 2014

The Bedroom | Before + After |

When we moved in to our disgusting, run down and generally icky Toronto apartment last February and I had the idea then that we'd be pretty much all cleaned up and unpacked by June. You know, so that we could enjoy the summer and not have to spend the warm months painting and cleaning. By last April I was starting to realize just how ridiculous that June goal actually was. It was discouraging. There was so much to do!

And the bedroom in particular seemed to be going nowhere. We had gotten through the hard work of fixing and painting the walls, cleaning the floors and replacing the light fixture, but then the room just kind of came to a stand still. Part of the problem was that we didn't have a bed frame. I had my heart set on the queen size Hemnes canopy bed from Ikea. It's the best canopy bed ever. With a great minimalist design, it's all clean straight lines and delicate structure. It's not too grand, yet it's also not too girly. The one tineey tiny thing standing between me and my dream bed was that Ikea had discontinued it in 2011.  

Well friends, after two years of searching on kijiji, I found my bed! We got a great deal ($150) and we brought it home with the help of a van cab on Thanksgiving weekend. Since then I've been working on finishing up the bedroom. I refinished my antique dresser, purchased new bedding, and even got around to developing some wedding photos, all in the hopes of finally making the scary aquarium room (see before photos) into a serene and chic place to sleep. 

Here's what the bedroom looked like when we moved in-

And here's it is after some much needed TLC and white paint-

Last Spring I wasn't sure what to do and the room had a long way to go-

It's always so much fun to see the before and after shots, and I love to post them. But what is harder to post is the in-between photos. Sometimes a room has to be patient while I figure out what the heck I'm going to do with it, or while I hunt down the right bed! A room might look disjointed and weird for a few months or even a year. 

Between the before and after photos there is A LOT of time. There's work too, of course, but mostly it's just time. When you're working with a small budget it's all about waiting. Waiting for the right piece to come along at the right price.

The bedroom is definitely an example of a room that took time to come together. And the in between photos illustrate my struggle to make this somewhat difficult room work out and turn into a space that I could be proud of. To see more before photos and read about my vision for the room go to the bedroom begins. Or read my second blog post about the bedroom and take a look at some more of the frustrating in between photos (I could not figure out how to lay out this room!) in my bedroom update post.

And now, without any further rambling, here is what the bedroom looks like today-

Wedding photos by our friends at Mint Photography

I'm not big on hanging tons of personal photos all over our apartment. So what to do with all the wedding day pictures?  It can be hard to narrow down all your beautiful shots from the big day, but you don't want your whole home cluttered with hundreds of wedding photographs. It is only one day after all. I like the idea of dedicating a shelf to the subject because you can layer frames and photos. This gives you a chance to pick a few favourite shots and the photos can be contained in one area. 

Here's a side by side before + after of my dresser project-


And of course, before the bedroom could be finished, the closet had to tackled! Take a look at what went into My Closet Makeover back in September. 

Thanks for stopping by to check out the Bedroom Before + After! It really was a long time in the making! I'll see you tomorrow for Trendy Tuesday, but until then I'd love to hear what you think of the bedroom!

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  1. I love what you have done with the room. The new paint makes the room look fresh and brings out the beauty in the floors. Yuck to the previous turquoise! I've really been struggling with our room for the past year or so and am really lacking some vision. We don't have a bed frame either, which I think will really help to tie the room together. It's a smallish room but still has room for a queen bed, a dresser, and a smaller dresser too. I also need to revamp the closet... so much wasted space. Just a rod and a shelf. Any ideas of where I can get some inspiration from (of course this blog!)

  2. I love the cloche with butterflies....just visited the City of Brisbane Museum and they shared some very old cloches used for the same purpose...absolutely beautiful!

  3. Hi Cathy,
    So glad you like the bedroom. In regards to your room, start looking for your 'perfect' bed frame. Once you have a clear idea of what kind of bed you want to place in the room you may have a more clear idea of what type of style you want the whole room to be. For example, do you like a simple head head board with clean lines (modern) or do you like a big soft tufted head board (classic, even feminine)? Use the bed as your jumping off point for the style of fabrics and other furniture that you will add to the room. And you can never go wrong with white in a bedroom, it's clean, fresh and soothing.

    To get inspired take a look at one of my favourite blogs (and sources of inspiration!):

    This blogger posts the most lovely shots of bright, pared down European homes. So nice! And try using pinterest and searching 'bedrooms'. Pinterest is a good source of images and ideas. Finally, pick up a copy of Style at Home magazine, I read it every month and it's hugely inspirational to me. Lots of great ideas on those pages!

    Hope that helps!