Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sunday Shopping: BHLDN

Sundays are great. They are sleepy and happy. They are a time for relaxing, reading and eating. And they are my second favourite day of the week!

Sunday doesn't have anything to prove; month after month you'll find him at the end of each calendar week, just lying there, casually marking the week's end like a drowsy old dog.

Sunday doesn't care if you like him. He doesn't jump up and say, "I'm not so bad" (Monday), and he definitely doesn't try to get you all pumped up and infatuated with how awesome he is (Friday). Sunday just is. He's very zen. He loves sleep and food and days spent in bed. Sunday often has a hangover and all he really wants is brunch.

So here's to Sunday: a day for the laziest of pursuits. And what could be better, when you're committed to wearing nothing but your pj's then a bit of online shopping?                                   

'Sunday Shopping' is a series that I am starting in order to showcase online retailers. I will start with some of my favourite online shops and we will see where things go from there. Just a note, this won't be a weekly series, I'll likely do one or two Sunday Shopping posts each month.

So let's get to it, shall we? 
I'm excited to start with one of the absolute best shops that I have come across while searching the grand old online market place. BHLDN is Anthropologie's online bridal boutique. If you ever wished that you could have Anthropologie's cool esthetic in bridal wear, well now you can! Their collection of wedding dresses is not only lovely, it's interesting and unique. The gowns range from striking, to demure and chic, to just plain cool. 

I shopped through BHLDN for many of my wedding day pieces, and a year later I am still purchasing from them. And no, I swear I'm not one of those married women who maintains three active wedding themed pinterest boards two years after the big day. I buy from them because they provide exquisite quality items. Where can you go to find a really great pair of gloves or statement earrings? What if you want a nice piece of jewelry, but you don't necessarily want to pay for diamonds? BHLDN fills a niche in the market. They have clothing and accessories for anyone looking to get dressed up for a party, a dinner, a wedding, or a night out on the town. So if you don't want to pay for designer or diamonds, but you also aren't interested in shopping for your accessories at Claire's, enter BHLDN. 

If I had a special event coming up and I wanted to buy myself a new outfit for the evening, where would I begin my shopping? For women's evening wear the choices are somewhat slim and very much all over the map. If you don't want to shop at Laura or The Bay, then you're stuck paying for Holt Renfrew pieces. BHLDN is sort of in the middle, and I find the style of the pieces to be really contemporary and as I said before, just cool. 

BHLDN also has wedding decor items. And if you're not planning a wedding, don't worry, these items double as home decor finds. I like their dainty cake stands and I've also considered buying some of their paper wedding decorations to use as festive home decor. 

Take a look at some of my personal favourite items. The style of the clothing and accessories is just so charming. I fall in love with every new piece that they put on their site! 

First, some of the decor and gift items...

I love these glasses, they're so sweet! And wouldn't the bunting flag be nice in a white bedroom? Or maybe it could be decor for a shower or birthday!

This art deco purse is so lovely and it doesn't come off as 'bridal'. 

I would wear these earrings with jeans and a t-shirt. Instant outfit. 

These next pictures are all items that I purchased from BHLDN and wore on my wedding day.

I fell in love with the shape of this blouse and I had a tulle skirt made to go with it.

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