Sunday, 4 May 2014

Gift Wrapping Ideas

With Mother's Day right around the corner I thought it would be fun to post some ideas for creative gift  wrapping. The year is full of holidays and celebrations, and if you have a large family it often means that you have to limit your spending on individual presents. Help make a small or homemade gift into a truly heartfelt treasure by combining your craft or baking project with a beautiful wrapping job.

Creative wrapping can be very inexpensive. Just head to the Dollar Store and make sure to think outside the box when it comes to your materials. Fabric, paper bags, tissue and felt can all act as gift wrap. And string, twine, twigs, or even shoe laces can be your 'ribbon'. The possibilities are endless!

You don't have to buy a whole bouquet of fresh flowers to add their special quality to a gift. If you have the time, tuck a single stem through the ribbon on the day of gifting and you'll actually save money by skipping the fancy bow. Materials: Paper, butcher's twine, fresh flowers.

Kraft paper or gift wrap can easily be punched up by adding a small section of graphic tissue paper, scrapbook paper or fabric. Materials: Kraft paper, tissue paper, ribbon. 

I love the way neon and grey look together, and gift wrap is only one way to use this fresh, fun and young colour combo. Materials: tissue paper, drawing paper, washi tape, plastic string (gimp).

Keeping it VERY simple! Materials: Kraft paper box, string.

Some of my standard gift wrapping supplies: ribbon, patterned tissue paper, twine and string, kraft paper, kraft paper boxes, washi tape, a good black marker, a tag-shaped paper punch and a single hole punch.

I yearned for a tag shaped punch for quite some time before I finally went out and bought myself one this past Christmas. It cost less than $20 at a local craft store and I use it constantly! If you purchase one for yourself make sure you also pick up a single hole punch (Dollar Store or Stationary Store) to make the hole for string or ribbon to pass through. 

Keeping general supplies on hand, kraft paper, twine, and my amazing paper punch, is helpful because I don't spend money on fancy papers and specialty ribbons and I am always ready to wrap a last minute gift. 

Wrap a gift in plain paper, add some string, a flower from the garden, and finish up by writing your loved one's name across the package. You'll have a gift that looks  incredibly personal and unique, so much better than pricey designer paper.

Mother's Day is only one week away, so watch the 11th apartment over the next few days for some easy DIY gifts for mom.
See you soon! 


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