Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A Menu Board

Today I want to share another project as part of my craft week! 'Craft' sounds so cheesy, like something  good for little kids. But I love doing crafts as an adult! In one afternoon I can make something to give as a gift or use around the house. There's something so great about making a product that is actually useful, and when I was a craft-loving kid, there's nothing that I wanted more! (I once tried to make myself a skirt using one of my baby brother's cloth diapers). So even though I would never be able to write a blog based solely around craft projects, I really hope that you enjoy this craft week!

Tuesday's project is a pinterest favourite: a wipe-away menu board for the kitchen. All you need is a cheap frame, some spray paint (is there any other kind of paint?), your choice of fabric or paper, and alphabet (letter) stencils.

I bought this pine frame at the Dollar Store.
I used a piece of burlap, black paint, and simple stencils.
But you can choose any paint colour, fabric or paper and look for stencils online or at large art stores.

Here is the finished board (plus me in the reflection!).
Purchase a white board marker at a stationary store and you're ready to go!

The marker will wipe right off the glass with a dry paper towel.

Hope to see you on the 11th apartment tomorrow for Wednesday's craft!