Wednesday, 28 May 2014

How To Make Pom Poms

Today's craft is definitely not 'cool' in any way, but it is one of my childhood favourites: Pompoms!

I found the instructions for pompom making in a craft book when I was around ten years old. All you need is some yarn, scissors and scrap cardboard and you're ready to make a fluffy pompom. The method of crafting these little things is repetitive, relaxing and addictive (similar to crocheting or knitting, but way easier) and once you learn it you'll be adorning all your toques with homemade pompoms! 
P.S. This craft is great for kids!

I used my powers of pompom making to make these super useful fluffy and cute little birds, but you could do just about anything with this craft! When I was ten I made a fairly big orange cat using pompoms (large ones for the body and head, strings of smaller ones for the legs and tail) it was pretty amazing! (lol). 

Just a few ideas, you could make some sort of soft animal pompom mobile as a baby shower gift, or use pompoms attached to a longer piece of yarn to wrap and adorn a birthday gift. 

Make a Yarn PomPom!

Start by gathering your yarn and scissors.
Next you will need two cut out two cardboard rings of the same size. 
Put the rings together and cut off a section of yarn.
Begin to wind the yarn around the rings, adding more sections of yarn as you need them.
Wind the yarn around the rings until it becomes difficult to fit the yarn through the middle.
This is the tricky part. 
Cut through the yarn along the circle edge to expose the cardboard rings. 
Cut all the way around the circle.
This is what it should look like when you are done cutting.
Spread the rings apart and wrap a piece of yarn around the centre part of the pompom.
Thread the yarn through the rings (all the way around) and tie with a tight granny's knot. 
This will hold the pompom together.
Remove the cardboard rings.
Use scissors to give your pompom a 'trim', to even out any longer pieces of yarn.
(It is a good idea to do this outside).
To create a bird (like I made), make a smaller pompom and secure it's middle with a long piece of yarn.
Then tie the long piece of yarn around the body (or larger pompom).
Tie it tightly and the yarn will disappear into pompom.
Next, use a glue gun to add the 'eyes'.
I used buttons, but beads, googly eyes or felt pieces would work well.
For the 'beak', choose a material (cardboard, felt, paper)
and cut out two little triangles. (I used left over iron-on-wood veneer).
Anything slightly stiff will work, I liked the way the wood looked and it was easy to cut.
Glue the triangles together at their base only.
Then glue the beak to the bird.

Ta da!
To make a bird with a contrasting belly colour, simply use a different yarn for a one quarter section of the ring. (You can experiment this ratio depending on what look you want and what you are making).

They're so cute! (Useless, but cute!)
I have no idea what I'll be using these cuddly little birds for, but don't let that stop you from experiencing the joys of pompom making! They really are so soft and fluffy, perfect for kids. Although I don't think pompoms are appropriate for babies, as you can pull individual pieces of yarn out if you tug on them. Maybe use them in that mobile! :)

Tomorrow I have a fun and trendy craft to share with you! See you then on the 11th!