Tuesday, 18 November 2014

My Comfy Cozy Bedroom

Is there anything more satisfying than rearranging a room? Ever since I was a little kid, I've enjoyed an afternoon of frenzied furniture manipulation. My parents would never let me redo the living room, but that didn't stop me from using my 'talents' to makeover the bedroom that my sister and I shared. I remember the feeling of satisfied elation that I felt when I could sit back and relax in my whole 'new' room.
A mini room makeover doesn't have to be difficult or cost a lot of money. But the real payoff, the thrill that comes from relaxing in a bright fresh space is huge! A change of season is a natural time to switch things up, and recently, I decided to tweak our bedroom just a bit. With winter coming I wanted to make the space warm, cozy, soft, and most of all, inviting. The majority of my mini makeover involved the bed. I decided to 'unmake' my bed, or in other words, I turned it down hotel-style. 
Turning the duvet down like this makes the bed easier to make, and I think it looks  comfy, cushy and very inviting. It's the kind of bed that you are always welcome to curl up in, because you never have to worry about it being 'all made up'. In addition to turning down the duvet (cover from Ikea) I added a throw blanket (purchased in Cambodia on our honeymoon- I wish I'd bought three or four instead of just one!), layered in our white quilt, tossed on a few toss cushions and finally, I purchased some new standard pillows (So fluffy! $5 each at Walmart), dressed them with mismatched cases, and simply stacked all five at the head of the bed.

Here are some photos:
I finished my room re-do with some fun new wall art. I used washi tape and painter's tape to create a simple graphic design. Then I used a small sponge roller to apply different shades of latex paint.

To see what our bedroom looked like before, go to my post from last spring