Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Paper, Stamps and Pretty Things!

There's no thrill quite like receiving a hand written note in your post box! Especially when most of the paper letters we open are bills. And though we may not often take the time to send out any snail mail, the holiday season is one time of year when many of us make an exception. So whether you're sending out Christmas cards, or mailing a little 'just-because' note to a friend, here's my list of ideas and must-have products for jazzing up your snail mail.

I absolutely love there personalized return address stamps from simpleANDpretty and Save the Date on Etsy. They happen to be my personal favs, but if you hop over to the Etsy market place you'll find hundreds of personalized stamps, and isn't choosing one the very best part?  Bonus: you'll get to spice up the back of your envelope as well!

If you're getting excited about sending out some mail, then you'll need something to send. I love these playful holiday cards from Paperfelt on Etsy. All items in this super-sweet shop are made by a local Toronto illustrator. Stop by to check out the cards, or to find a graphic art piece for your apartment. 

Sending out that 'just because' note to a girlfriend? Take a look at this pretty personal stationary. I'm in love with these custom cards and colourful envelopes from Ink and Ivory. And the best part? You get to choose your perfect pairing from a variety of colours and patterns. And check out these gold stamped custom note cards from Alternative Journals. So clean and delicate. I'm obsessed!

When Chris and I were sending out wedding invites, I was desperate to find some cute stamps for our carefully selected envelops. My choices? Canadian flags or something to do with the Olympics. Not great. Well, Canada Post has finally put out a collection that your Nana would love. These pretty garden roses are simple and lovely, and they add a vintage touch to your vintage snail mail.

I hope you've enjoyed my snail mail list! I think it's pretty darn obvious that emoticons can simply not compete with adorable stationary, sweet stamps and creative penmanship! 

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