Sunday, 1 February 2015

Winter Scandinavian Style -Snowflake Garland

Over the past few months I've fallen for paper crafts. Not only is paper inexpensive and abundant, but it has a natural charm that lends my crafts an uncomplicated loveliness. Since today is the third and final day of my Scandinavian style posts, I'd like to share an easy paper craft with loads of the Nordic country whimsy that I love so much. I give you, My Paper Snowflake Garland!

This craft is super fun and easy. It's the perfect project to take on while watching old movies on a cold and snowy afternoon. Here's what you'll need:

-Paper  -Scissors  -Hot Glue Gun  
-Twine  -Mini Clothespins
These accordion circle snowflakes can be made in a minute, here's how:
1. Cut a strip of paper that is much longer than it is wide. 
2. Fold like an accordion by folding in once, flipping over and folding in on the other side, repeat along the entire length. 
3. Make some simple cuts to create the snowflake. I like to angle the width to create a star shape and then add a cutout in the middle. 
4. Unfold the snowflake. 
5. Use hot glue to connect the ends of the paper. 
6. Press the middle down and secure it with a drop of hot glue. 
7. Use mini clothes pins to attach the snowflakes to a length of twine.

I'm obsessed with mini clothespins lately! They are a cute  and easy solution for any DIY banner, and beyond that I'm sure I'll find many many uses for them. To purchase, check out one of my favourite Etsy shops, Ink Kit. (Home of tons of very cool stationary goodies). Or if you are in Toronto, visit Mr Pen at Bloor and Christie (683 Bloor St West) for all kinds of paper products and greeting cards.

I hope you have enjoyed my winter Scandinavian style posts. It's my attempt at a mid-winter pick-me up! I love the simplicity and easiness of Nordic style; it's a little bit modern cool, a little bit country vintage. If you are interested in Scandinavian style and would like to spend hours on the internet drooling over beautiful home style pics, then head over to one of my all-time favourite blogs, My Scandinavian Home, and get ready to waste some time. You're welcome!