Friday, 17 April 2015

Hand Lettering Tutorial

Hey guys! I finally made my first VIDEO! That's right, I am going to be on YouTube! Chris has been telling me for months that this would be a great addition to the blog, and he was totally right. Making a video was actually easier than preparing an entire blog post. My first 11th apartment video blog is a hand lettering tutorial that is just in time for wedding and party season! Getting comfortable with one or two lettering styles will help you to make your own greeting cards, invitations, note cards, menus, gift tags and even chalk board signs and posters. I love the idea of creating cute little name tags for all the foods on a buffet party table, or creating a lovely chalkboard menu for a dinner party.

Today I'll show you two lettering styles. The first is a simple and casual block lettering, and the second is a pretty cursive style lettering.

 Cute and Uncomplicated Block Lettering

Pretty Cursive (Fake Calligraphy) Style

Here is the lettering tutorial, I hope you'll enjoy!