Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Sparkling Lemons Centrepiece

Only a few more days until the Easter long weekend! So today I'd like to share a sunny spring centrepiece that is perfect for the holiday weekend. This bright bouquet of sugared lemons is very inexpensive and it's a quick and easy project- perfect if you're having family over and want to show off a bit!

The supplies for this centrepiece are very inexpensive (especially if you compare with the cost of fresh flowers) and when the holiday is over, just rinse the lemons off and use them as you normally would! Here's how you make the sugared lemons:

 Start by setting up your workspace. You'll want one bowl with a lightly beaten egg white and brush, a second bowl filled with granulated sugar, and a third bowl that will serve as your 'work bowl'. 
Next, wash each lemon thoroughly with warm water and a touch of dish soap. When lemons are dry, take one and use the brush to cover it completly with egg white. 
Holding the lemon above the work bowl, use a spoon to sprinkle on the sugar. Shake off excess as you go. Always keep the lemon over the work bowl so that the main supply of sugar does not get any egg white in it (as this will cause clumps to form).

Continue to sprinkle and shake until the entire lemon is coated in sugar. If it gets clumpy, just rinse everything off and start fresh. And don't aim for perfection, if one side looks off, just place that side down. I coated 8 lemons in sugar, but only needed to used 6 for my centrepiece. 

Once sugared, place lemons on a baking tray covered with sugar. Let them sit here for a few hours to set before attempting to arrange them. 

When the lemons are nice and dry, it's time to make your arrangement. I like the look of a cake stand, but you could use a pretty platter or bowl, anything goes! I bought this weird metal stand at Value Village and spray painted it. I'm not sure what it's supposed to be, as the surface isn't flat; but the dip makes it perfect for holding my lemons! 

 When arranging your lemons, place some leaves among them for extra colour. I bought a fresh stem of green leaves at the florist for one whole dollar, but you could also buy lime leaves if they happen to sell them at your groccery store. The lime leaves smell amazing, and using them will mean one stop shopping for this project! 

All done!

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