Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Flowers and Cake

Happy Birthday to me! Chris and I just got back from a weekend of camping; we were celebrating my birthday on Panmure Island, and we enjoyed it with loads of food! (Chris cooked up lobster, scallops, fish, beets, asparagus, and potato salad- all my favs!) And we didn't let the fact that we were birthday partying in the wilderness stop us from enjoying a lovely cake. I just had to hold it on my lap for the entire drive! Luckily we were only about an hour from home and my 'masterpiece' made it to the campsite without incident.

The homemade creation was a layered white cake filled with lemon curd, finished with a lemon buttercream and topped with the candied flowers of my entire summer. When  I first posted about candied flowers back in early July, I was so excited about my new discovery. Candied flowers are preserved in sugar and they have quite a long shelf life. (I'm not exactly sure how long, since I've only found conflicting info on the net, but so far my personal experimenting shows that they last at least a few months). At that time, I had the idea to candy as many different edible flowers as I could find throughout the summer and use my eventual collection to create a birthday cake covered in the flowers of an entire summer. 

Over the next few weeks I candied lilacs, apple blossoms, pansies, rose petals, buttercups and lavender. I stored my candied flowers in tupperware containers, some in the fridge and some in the cupboard (both stored well). When my cake was baked and iced, I topped it with all my candied flowers plus a few fresh mint leaves. The result was super pretty (and delicious)! And I had fun doing something nice just for me. I hope you'll enjoy the photos.

 More candied flowers!
(Used here to top my rose water tea cakes with a strawberry buttercream).

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