Monday, 3 August 2015

One Trick, Many Fonts

Today I've got another hand lettering video to share. In this short tutorial I explain how one simple idea (thickening the left hand side of each letter) can help you create many, many different fonts. This kind of lettering is fun, casual and fairly easy. It's not hand lettering at it finest, it's hand lettering that you can pull off in a few minutes and that will have you creating cool chalkboard art that you don't feel the need to photoshop!

This is my third attempt at video blogging, and just so you know, I probably won't post all the content from my YouTube channel. I don't see the point in double posting, but since this is still one of my first videos I thought, what the heck? Oh and guys, I am loving this YouTube thing. It's so neat to connect with people through a video medium. As a writer, I was always a little video blog shy. I thought that I would be nervous and rambling and weird. But actually I feel comfortable. And it's just fun! When I'm writing I get to be pithy and informative and even funny (if I do enough editing), but when I'm talking to the viewer, I get to be me. That's so cool! And YouTube takes care of all my promotional work. For a promotionally challenged blogger like me- that's amazing. So connect with me at the 11th apartment or at my channel!

Here's my most recent video: