Monday, 7 December 2015

Hand Lettered Holiday Cards

Happy Monday! I can't believe we're a week into December already! This Christmas I've set a goal for myself: I'm trying to make all my gifts by hand. So needless to say, I'm pretty busy and I just don't know where the month is going! But I'm having a lot of fun making presents for the people that I love, and I'm really really enjoying staying out of the malls! In addition to crafting gifts, I'm also making cards, gift wrap, and tree ornaments, and I'll be sharing all of it on the blog in a series I'm calling 'the handmade holiday'.

For me the best part of Christmas is all the build up and anticipation, it's the little things. But this year, with Chris and I not having a home, (we're pretty much in a dorm room), it's a bit harder to embrace our usual traditions and get into the holiday spirit that I love so much. So I've been glad to find that these seemingly small activities, things like making ornaments and cards, have brought a lot of Christmas joy into my apartmentless and houseless life. This year we're on the move, but I'm forming new traditions and feelin' more Christmasy than ever!

And the handmade holiday series starts today, with my homemade cards! I love the simplicity of hand lettered cards. They're as easy as stealing a quote from a Christmas carol. (Try 'have yourself a merry little Christmas' or something similar). Modern calligraphy looks whimsical and festive, and all you really need is a Sharpie and a few sheets of white cardstock. And maybe some glitter...

Watch the tutorial to see how I turn a rough sketch into a polished mail-ready holiday card:

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  1. Saw your YouTube tutorial today and made my way to your blog. Thanks for sharing your lettering tutorials. I am a visual person and your videos are perfect.