Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Lettering on Dark Cardstock

Today's blog post is an answer to a question: how can I create hand lettered cards (or any art work for that matter) on a darker card stock such as kraft paper? One answer to this query is a medium called gouache. Gouache is a high pigment, high opacity water colour paint. It's easy to mix, easy to work with and even easy to clean up. If you've been checking out my YouTube lately, this is just one more tutorial in the hand lettering series that I'm having so much fun producing. So for a detailed how-to and lots of examples, please link to my channel and enjoy!

You can pick up a set of inexpensive (or craft quality) gouache paints at craft stores and art stores for around $20, maybe even half that. But if you find that gouache is your medium of choice, I suggest going to a good art store and purchasing an artist's set. And that will likely cost between $50 - $100. 

Happy Painting!

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