Thursday, 5 May 2016

An Illustrated Mother's Day Card

Happy Thursday, guys! Mother's Day is this weekend (just in case you forgot!) and so this week's blog post is a simple to make card for yo momma. I love making handmade cards for people! One, because greeting cards are insanely over-priced, and two, (and perhaps more importantly) because it's so much more thoughtful and special. It lets your someone special know that they really are special to you.

So don't leave handmade goods behind in childhood! Adults can make gifts too! And this card is super easy and fun to create. It's done with watercolour paints, so you'll need a cheap set of watercolour discs, a few small paint brushes, and some 140 lb (or higher) watercolour paper (available at art/craft shops). To finish the card you'll also need an artist's pen in black. I'm using a Staedtler Triplus Fineliner.

If you're not familiar with watercolours, this is a great introduction! The illustration is created by painting these blotches and splotches of colour, and then turning those colourful blobs into flowers with the artist's pen once the paint has dried. It's quite experimental. When you're working, let the paint run and bleed, and I think you'll see that this relaxed approach will lead to the most interesting illustration. You can try out the medium without fear of 'messing up'.

Okay! Here's the video:

You may notice that I didn't stretch my watercolour paper in this video tutorial, and that's just because I'm not really working with enough paint and water to cause serious buckling of the paper.

If you choose not to stretch the paper and you notice a small amount of warping,  just stick the card under some heavy books for a few hours. However, if you would like to stretch your paper, that is never a bad idea, and you can find a video tutorial on my YouTube channel!

That's all there is to it. Now go make a pretty card for your mom!

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