Saturday, 12 November 2016

Classic Holiday Gift Wrap

Even more than I like giving gifts and definitely more than I like receiving gifts, I like wrapping gifts. There's something about creating a pretty package that elevates the whole act of gift giving. A lovingly wrapped gift is all about the thought, the time and the sentiment. And it just looks so darn gorgeous! 

Every year I gravitate toward the same holiday wrapping style: classic and minimal. My style is all about the fresh greenery, the cute little berries, the simple kraft paper and butcher's twine and the easy-breezy way that it all comes together. 

I hope you find some inspiration in these photos. And if you want more information, please check out my latest weekly YouTube tutorial about holiday gift wrapping supplies and DIYs.


  1. Thank you, SHAYDA! You are so kind to share yourself and your talents with us!