Thursday, 17 November 2016

Holly Berry Gingerbread

What could be better than something that's beautiful and simple to prepare? Perhaps something that's beautiful and simple and Christmas-y? I think so! These cute little holly cookies tick all those boxes, and wait for it, they're gingerbread with cream cheese frosting. If you have yet to stray from the classic gingerbread/ royal icing combo, you are in for a treat! 

If you're currently putting together a holiday baking list, I can't recommend these holly cookies enough. They come together so easily and look so festive! And here's the best part: I promise you, these cookies are virtually screw-up proof. And I think I can vouch for that, I'm no all-star when it comes to icing. I mean, I have mastered the snowflake sugar cookie, but it took me, like, four years.

Spicy ginger, rich creamy frosting and a tart burst of pomegranate. These cookies are perfectly balanced and perfectly pretty. 

Here's how the cookies come together, if you haven't already figured it out! Make you favourite cut-out gingerbread cookie recipe. If you don't have one, I suggest trying this super soft and yummy gingerbread by Martha Stewart. When I make the dough, I like to add a little extra spice (ginger and cinnamon) as the flavour kick goes nicely with the rich cream cheese frosting. Cut out cookies in various circle shapes, you can use a simple round or a scalloped round cookie cutter, and bake.  

When cookies are cool, frost with cream cheese frosting. Gently add pomegranate seeds by pressing them lightly into the frosting. Finish with a tiny sprig of rosemary. See how easy that was? I hope you'll give these holly berry cookies a try this holiday season. Happy Baking!