Friday, 2 December 2016

Hand Drawn Printable Colouring Pages

Happy Friday! Thanks for stopping by! If you've been following me on social media recently, you may know about the re-branding that's going on over here at 'the 11th apartment' / 'Shayda Campbell'. I've decided to drop the original blog name in the hopes of creating a more cohesive online brand. From now on, I'll be Shayda Campbell across all social media platforms. No more 11th apartment.

Right now there's a lot going on and there's also a lot to celebrate! I'm excited about the new blog name; it represents a shift away from the original concept of home decor and celebrates the true brand that has developed over these last two years, a brand that's all about crafting, creating and sharing our collective love of artful, beautiful, meaningful living. 

So let's get to the celebration stuff! Today I'm super duper happy to have reached over 1 million views on YouTube! I honestly can't believe it, but it's real. And I'm also excited to say that I'm about to reach 40k subscribers. Crazy! All that, and it's also my most favourite time of year: magical, wonderful, December. 

To spread all the cheer that's happening over here at, I want to give you, my lovely readers and subscribers, three free printable colouring pages. These are original hand drawn pages, created by me. I made them because I want to thank you for being such a supportive and positive community. I am so lucky to have such great subscribers. I'm sure you've all noticed, but we are a really, really friendly community! I mean, we're just so nice! And not even by internet standards, but RL standards too! In the hundreds of comments that have been posted on the videos, in all that conversation, there is hardly a harsh word. So thank you, thank you, thank you. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your viewership, your creativity, and, above all, your kindness. 

To view and download these 8.5 x11 printables, please follow the link:

2016 Holiday Coloring Pages

I hope you like the colouring pages; please print and enjoy as many as you like. Share them with your kids and with your friends, and if you want to, show off those finished pieces on social media! (You can use #shaydacreative to tag your work).

Please don't attempt to profit from these pages in anyway (ie, sell them), and please credit me appropriately when posting/sharing online. Thanks! 

Happy Colouring! And thank you so much for watching/ reading/ subscribing, I get to do what I love because of you.


  1. Thanks Shayda ... I'm printing the Roses in the Snow ;)

  2. Thank you! These are adorable. I hope to get some animal drawing practice in using these as guides too. Love your blog. Happy Holidays to you!

  3. Thank you for these great colouring pages!
    My kids and I, we love them.
    Have a wonderful christmas time with your loved ones.
    Greetings from germany ★ Angela

  4. Hello Shayda,
    I found you just today on YouTube and am just smitten with your style! All of your videos are just precious and you convey a real attitude that anyone can draw/illustrate/create. That is so refreshing and encouraging. Bravo! It is no wonder that your viewership has grown to what it is and I hope you will be continuing with your artwork and creating and especially sharing it on your blog, YouTube and other social media.
    Happy Holidays.
    Betsy in the freezing Seattle suburbs

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  6. You can print these minion coloring pagesin sets of five or ten and offer them to your kid to shading.

  7. Thank you for being a wonderful you.