Monday, 1 May 2017

Cherry Blossom Mobile Wallpaper

We returned to Canada last Monday after a few weeks of glorious Australian sunshine, and much to our surprise and delight, spring had come early in our absence! Now, if you're Canadian, you know that this never happens. In fact, I think that most cold-weather-dwellers know a thing or two about tropical vacations: as a general rule, upon your return, the weather will be much, much colder than when you departed. It's just the way it goes. No one is going to escape the last few miserable moments of wicked winter with a quick getaway to Mexico. So when we stepped off our flight in flip-flops, in April, and it was actually warm-ish, it was just nothing short of delightful and amazing. 

And even more wonderful? The cherry blossoms are in bloom. We visited Toronto and had a chance to sit under the fluffy white and pink trees and marvel at springtime in Canada. What really got me was how many people come out just to look at the trees. It's something quite beautiful. All these people just visiting the flowers. Lovely. 

Of course, I couldn't help but take a zillion snaps of the blossoms. So to celebrate this early spring season, I'm releasing my favourite pics as mobile wallpaper. Download any (or all!) of the five images and use them as your new spring wallpaper on your phone. 

You can download the images by clicking the links below. Download the image on to your computer and then email the image to yourself, open the email on your phone and set as wallpaper. Or just visit on your phone and download the images direct to your device. 

So which one is your favourite? I can't pick, but I love number one and number three, and I think I'll use number three as my cell wallpaper, at least for now. Happy downloading! Here's hoping spring has sprung wherever you are!

Cherry Blossom Wallpaper Download

Click the link above to download your favourite wallpaper!


  1. Hi, Shayda! I'm giving a copy of Oh the Places You'll Go to graduates this year and I'm going to pass them around and have several people sign them. I watch every one of your videos and I'm a huge fan, but my basic handwriting is still pretty yucky. I haven't delved into buying any special pens because I don't feel ready for it, but I know if anybody could recommend one basic everyday pen that's going to be reliable and write smoothly, you could!

  2. Thanks for the lovely wallpaper!��❤

  3. Thanks for the lovely wallpaper!��❤

  4. These pictures are so beautiful. A while back I interned in Washington, D.C. and got to experience the blooming of the cherry blossoms there and they were way more beautiful in person than I could have ever imagined. If you ever get a chance to seem them in D.C. it's worth it.