Friday, 24 November 2017


Hey, guys! This is my 2017 holiday gift guide for the artist. These are products that I either use often or would absolutely love to get my hands on! In putting together this gift guide, I've tried to choose special products, items that you might not normally purchase for yourself, like an entire set of double tip Prismacolor art markers or a tin of 60 watercolor pencils from the elite art brand, Faber-Castell (anyone out there shopping for me this year?!) 

I've broken my list up into two categories, under $50 and over $50, so you can find something for every artist on your list. And of course, if you're the artist, you can discreetly send this page, complete with my gift guide video, to anyone who's shopping for you this Christmas. ;)

1. Koi Field Watercolor Set w/ Waterbrush
2. Large Hardcover Moleskin Sketchbook

Watch the gift guide video for product descriptions and to get in on a little amazon gift card giveaway- cuz we all have lots of holiday shopping to do! Thanks for reading and happy shopping.


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