Tuesday, 21 November 2017

A Watercolor Tutorial

You don't have to be a master artist to paint something pretty. Follow along with this week's tutorial and try painting two different types of eucalyptus with two different watercolour techniques. In this video I've broken down the popular watercolour techniques, wet on wet (or wet into wet) and wet on dry. 

Now two painting styles and two types of greenery may sound like a lot, but this tutorial is very straightforward. In under ten minutes you'll have an understanding of wet on wet and wet on dry, and then you can attempt them for yourself. 

The Silver Dollar eucalyptus sprig on the left was painted using a wet on wet technique. The final look is varied colour and pretty feathering. I always think of wet on wet as giving that real 'watercolor' look. 

The Argyle Apple eucalyptus sprig on the right was done with wet on dry. This style allows you a little bit more control, as you paint an initial layer, wait for it to dry, and then add detail later with more paint. Give the two techniques a try for yourself and see which you prefer!

Remember, it's all about developing your own style. Don't worry about 'getting it right'. Perfectly imperfect, that's my motto. Watch the video and don't forget to show me your work! Post on my FB page or tag me on Instagram.


  1. I like to eat fruit Apple is my favorite fruit.


  2. I came here after watching your youtube tutorial.
    Your paintings are really amazing : )

  3. Thank you, this was an excellent demonstration. Very easy to understand.