Friday, 15 December 2017

Christmas Watercolors

I've been doing a lot of watercolor painting recently, and it's funny, I used to absolutely despise watercolors. I didn't like them because you can never cover up your mistakes. There's no painting over a bad spot with watercolors, they are light, translucent, and delicate. And I was a heavy handed perfectionist. I preferred acrylics, and painting over things about a million times until I was happy with the result, so naturally, watercolors just weren't for me.

But today I've made peace with watercolors. I've tried my best to rid myself of my perfectionist tendencies and to take joy in the process of painting, of making art. And once you get excited about the act of painting, and not just the making of some finished 'perfect' piece, watercolors seem like a whole lot more fun. They're wonderful to play with. You can splash them around the page, make puddles into abstracted flowers, brush strokes into leaves and vines.

And it seems like watercolors are having a bit of a moment. I've been getting many requests for painting tutorials on the channel lately, so with Christmas right around the corner, I've got a holiday watercolor tutorial to share.

This week we'll illustrate and paint a candle in the window. It's a warm and inviting motif that will always remind me of our first Christmas in the maritimes. We've just moved to Prince Edward Island (we spent the last three summers in Canada's smallest province, but this will be our first winter Christmas) and a candle in the window is a popular tradition here. I think the custom has something to do with guiding home those at sea. So a candle in the window is just what we're tackling this week on the channel. Watch the tutorial now:

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  1. I am just learning how to paint watercolors. Your videos have been so helpful to me. I love your painting style. Thank you so much for doing these!