Thursday, 7 December 2017

Wish List Coloring Page

Hi, guys! Today I have another holiday freebie to share. This week it's a wintery Christmas wish list that you can can print and color. Write out your list, hang it on the fridge and hope someone happens by to read your stylishly subtle gift hints.

Initially, I printed my wish-list on regular computer paper (and had fun filling it in with pencil crayons) but then I tried printing it on watercolor paper and the result was awesome! If you don't have a printer that can handle a thicker paper like watercolor, try taking a piece of speciality paper to Staples and have them print the file for you. That's what I did, it cost me less than a dollar and I loved 'coloring' with watercolor paints. 

Get your Wish List Coloring Page here.

If you're wondering how a watercolor coloring page comes together, you can join me as I paint this one in next week's video. The Tuesday December 12th tutorial will be all about the Koi Watercolor Field Set from Sakura, and we'll use the waterbrush + watercolor pans set to complete this coloring page. Print the page now and paint along with me on Tuesday!

And watch the video here:

What are you wishing for this Christmas? Chris and I aren't big on exchanging gifts, but that hasn't stopped me from dreaming of a pair of Glerups slipper booties (they are so cute!) 

And don't forget to download and print the winter botanical coloring pages that I released last week! It's so relaxing to sit down with a coloring page and listen to a podcast on a chilly winter evening. Happy Coloring!


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