Friday, 12 January 2018

Bullet Journal Doodles

For this week's tutorial I thought it would be fun to do some 'classic Shayda' stuff. When I started the YouTube channel almost three years ago, I did a lot of illustration and hand lettering tutorials with a focus on simple doodles, and that's what we're working on this week. We'll cover flags, banners, arrows, flowers and other 'bullet journal-y' type drawings such as geometric hearts and little succulents. Take a peak at the pics and then head over to my channel to watch the full tutorial!

Doodles like these act as decorative accents in your planner or bullet journal and they also help to create space and division on the page. So next time you're struggling to make a beautiful and organized monthly layout, think about how you might incorporate a flower, flag or similar doodle. 

In my own planner, I'm constantly going back to botanical illustrations. I find them very relaxing to draw, and I always like the way they look on the page. What's your go-to doodle?

Since the theme of my week seemed to be fun little doodles, I found myself spending last Sunday doodling away the afternoon at our favourite local cafe. The result of my doodling was this coffee shop 'shelfie' art, and now you can get it for yourself!

Both the printable and digital files are available on my Patreon site. Check it out and please consider supporting me! Also, fun side note, if you grab the digital illustration you'll get a zip file that includes the artwork plus a PNG of each individual doodle, so if you want to use a single graphic, say, just the succulent or the tea kettle, you can do that! 

Watch the full tutorial now:

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