Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Wax Seals For Invitations

This month marks five years since I started my blog. What began as a sort of home-renovation and craft project diary soon became, to my surprise, a YouTube channel. I was teaching hand lettering and illustration (on camera!) and even though it wasn't at all what I'd envisioned at the outset, I knew as soon as I started creating art tutorials that it was the perfect thing for me. Over the last three years I've made nearly 150 videos and of those tutorials, only one has come close to going viral. And that video was my wax seals tutorial. 

Wax seals and stationery products of all sorts are definitely having a moment. There's just something so lovely about a smooth matte paper envelop sealed with that creamy stamp of wax. It's classic and timeless and somehow modern and unique. And really it's pretty too.

In this week's YouTube tutorial I'm prepping wax seals in bulk. Making a large number of seals ahead of time allows you to easily use them for wedding invitations or other mass invites. I personally want to have a tea party, actually, make that a garden party, just so I can send some pretty wax-sealed snail mail. 

The gorgeous paper crane stamp that you see here is from Stampitude. They make everything you need to get started in this timeless stationery art. Whether you want to prep bulk seals for this season's invites, or slowly melt wax over the heat of a candle flame to seal that one special letter, you need to check out their stuff. Click here to shop this blog post.

Watch this week's video for the full tutorial on preparing wax seals in bulk.

And be sure to enter the giveaway! Thanks to Stampitude, you can win everything you need to start making your own sexy snail mail. Enter the giveaway now!


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