Monday, 5 March 2018

How To Paint Watercolor Flowers + Leaves

I've been putting in some practice time lately when it comes to my watercolour florals, and after posting a few of my finished pieces on social media, I received a number of requests to revisit the subject of watercolour flowers and leaves in a YouTube tutorial. So on Friday that's exactly what we did! Flowers and leaves are such recognizable forms, they're hard to abstract beyond the point of recognition and this makes them a perfect subject for practicing watercolor technique. 

So in the latest tutorial we're not only focusing on botanical forms, we're also talking about how to use your paint brush, how to manipulate the brush to create a more sophisticated painting style and how to let go and let the paint do it's thing (it's this last one that I always have the most trouble with!). 

When you're practicing your florals, I suggest abandoning classic forms and colours. Make your leaves any colour you want, paint your flowers in any shape you like. If you paint a rose, don't worry about what the actual leaves of a rose bush look like, paint a leaf shape the suits the pattern that you're creating. Think of this as though you are design a floral print for a pillow case or a dress, and choose the colours and forms that appeal to you. 

An afternoon of painting should be relaxing, not stress inducing. When you sit down to paint, try to slow down and take joy in the materials. Take a minute to watch the watery colours bleed into the paper, think about how the brush feels in your hand, and more than anything, don't worry about 'getting it right'. Perfectly, imperfect: it's not just a catch phrase or a motto, it's a recipe for creating something new and interesting! Watch the full tutorial on YouTube now. 

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