Tuesday, 24 April 2018

My Pink Accent Wall

This month I finally got around to doing something with our living room. We've been living in our new apartment in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island for about five months now, and I still hadn't taken the time to give our living room any love. In fact, the room was populated only by our beloved blue couch and a few crates. If you don't know, crates make great stools/tables. The space was white, boring and blank.

So when Premier Paints from Canadian Tire asked me to do a video, it was a perfect opportunity to make the living room cute, and a lot less boring. I didn't know exactly what I wanted for the space, but I knew that I wanted an accent wall. And something was telling me to go pink.

Pink does not have to be girly, it does not have to say, 'welcome to my doll house!'. It can be cool and cozy and grown-up. You just have to find the right shade. Below I've listed my six favourite pinks from Premier Paints. Some are a little more blush, some a little more peach, but they're all doable (even if you live with a dude!), I promise. ;) Pink does not have a read super over-the-top feminine. And even if it does, what's so wrong with that? 

To see the whole video, head to my YouTube channel. And let me know, would you do pink? How do you think I fared? Is it the sophisticated shade that I hoped? Or am I just living in Barbie's apartment?


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