Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Digital Wallpaper Download

Hey, guys! Today I'm happy to share a few mobile wallpapers that I designed recently for my Chromebooks video. For one of the wallpaper images I did some of my classic floral line drawing, but for the other one, the one I did on camera, I tried to create something in a folk art style. Specifically a style similar to that of Maud Lewis, a Canadian maritime artist who used bold colours, simple forms and a whimsical style to depict her world.

I thought of doing a folk art wallpaper for two reasons, first, folk art is having a bit of a moment lately. Artists like Dinara Mirtalipova (@mirdinara) and Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co, have brought folk art into the public eye and made it something lovely for this time. Personally, I think folk art has become so popular recently because it looks good on social media. The simplified forms, bright colours and striking images look great on a screen and are easily recognized, helping the artist to build her brand.

The second reason I wanted to create a wallpaper in a folk art style similar to that of Maud Lewis, is that the whimsical, almost childish forms make great practice material when you're first learning to draw on a tablet or screen. So if you're new to this whole digital drawing thing, why not play with colour and form, have a little fun, and draw some big, colourful flowers?

To download my digital cell wallpaper, click here! 

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