This blog is a place of learning and teaching: I love to take on new challenges and share the results (and the trial and error!) with my readers. But beyond that, this blog is a philosophy and a way of life. I believe that convenience technologies and over-credentialization have led us to doubt our own personal ability. Our modern society repeatedly sends us the message that we are only good at one thing: earning money; and that if we don't have a diploma in something, we probably can't do it. I say let's remember how to do things for ourselves! We have a wonderfully wide web of information at our fingertips, so let's learn to make our own candy, to refinish furniture, to hand letter our holiday cards, to frost a cake, or to make our own clothes! Convenience shouldn't mean idleness.

After all, our grandmothers could make a great pie crust, preserve their own pickles, bake a whole-grain loaf, and sew entire outfits- and they didn't even have YouTube!

I can't quite describe the kind of phenomenal return that you get when you strive to make something lovely, something meaningful. The way a calm and cheerful room will recharge your spirit, the way an artful meal will excite your eyes and your tummy, the way a handwritten note can make you feel loved. I supposed it's the old adage that you get what you give, you get out of life what you put into it.

In short, I just want to make things pretty, so that's what I do.