I'm Shayda and I'm a Canadian blogger who believes in simple living and spirited learning. I don't like watching too much T.V, and I've always got a project (or two!) on the go. I live with my husband, Chris, and together we get up to all sorts of things. In early 2015 we planned and executed our 'escape from the city'; we packed up our Toronto apartment, and since then we've been traveling and working across Canada, making plans to continue the adventure overseas.

I guess I just can't pick one hobby, because I love photography, painting, drawing, furniture refinishing, writing, baking, leather crafting, knitting, needle felting and oh yes, must not forget, organizing. I live to organize. That's pretty much me; I'm generally happy, and usually silly. I like to tease. I am a hat person. Oh, and one more thing, TEA. I simply must have my jasmine green tea. Yup, I'd say that about sums me up.

So that's me, now on to the blog. There are two main reasons behind my production of the; first of all, I write as a sort of documentation of how to get involved in ones life. Okay, maybe that sounds a bit weird, how can you not be involved in your own life? But if I'm watching Netflix and eating take out, then I'm not involving myself in my entertainment or my food, and it can kind of spiral from there. I'm not saying there's no good time for relaxing in front of the television, and I also won't be canceling my electricity and going off the grid anytime soon. But I do want to know how to make my own clothes, and maybe how to make gifts for my friends, and how to bake pretty cakes and candies. I don't always want to pay someone else to do it for me. There's so much wonderful fulfillment in learning something new, doing something you thought you couldn't do and making your own life better (and prettier).

And that brings me to the second reason, and that is my desire to make life beautiful. I mean, literally, I want everything to be pretty. It's not that I can't have something ugly around, I just believe that when you strive to make things pleasing to the eye, the result is incredibly uplifting, inspiring and good.

Here's a picture history of the last few years, and all the living, learning, crafting and baking:

Our Stratford Apartment

This is where Chris and I met, fell in love, and got married. We lived in Stratford for a few years and in that time we began learning about furniture refinishing, we got really into canning and preserving food, and I even took on some small upholstery projects!

Good Times in Toronto

In our two and half years in Toronto, we had fun fixing up our apartment, we learned the beginnings of leather crafting and wood working, and I got super into candy making, hand lettering, baking, and thrift shopping!

On The Road

Currently, we are kinda homeless... and it's awesome! We spent the 2015 summer on Prince Edward Island, the winter in Lake Louise, Alberta and the spring of 2016 in Reykjavik, Iceland! During this traveling time, we've learned to knit, continued our education in food preservation and fermentation and oh, yes, we've even begun needle felting!